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Yesterday, in my news feed on Facebook, there was a post about a man and a woman arrested for selling golden tickets to heaven. In the article the man said that he bought the tickets from Jesus so if they were going to arrest anyone it should be Jesus.

Of course, I suspected psychosis, either drug induced or from schizophrenia, or a combination of both. The article went viral. People thought it was funny.

It turns out that the article was an April Fool’s joke posted a long time ago, and “real” news outlets fell for it and ran the article again.  Here is the article and a newspaper’s apology here:


I have a sense of humor. I laugh every single day, but I don’t laugh at racial jokes, jokes about homosexuality, or jokes about women. Why is it that people still, and in great numbers, think mental illness (or drug addiction), is funny?

Please leave me a comment and tell me why you think people find mental illness so humorous, and why we are the last marginalized group where even the politically correct find it perfectly acceptable to make fun of us?