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A few nights ago I was interviewed by SeaTread Studios in Washington. The interview is about living with schizophrenia. I was asked to read a couple of poems and excerpts from some of my essays in my book.

SeaTread is looking for stories about people’s lives for their video projects. I would encourage those of you have depression, an eating disorder, or are caregivers, etc. to contact them with your story and see if it is a good fit.  Although I was completely wiped out the day after the interview due to the stress of being in the limelight, I thought it was worth it to get some more information out there about schizophrenia. I want to put a face on schizophrenia, and help dispel some of the myths.

I will post the video here when it is finished being edited.

I know some of you are advocates for the mentally ill, and if you are looking to go beyond your blog with your advocacy, I suggest the following places:

SeaTread Studios

The Mighty

Stigma Fighters

All of these organizations are looking for personal stories, and I bet yours would fit!