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I hope you will check out the book review I wrote on Pills, Poetry & Prose: Life with Schizophrenia. I was honored to be asked to write it.

In yesterday’s post I responded to a woman who wrote that schizophrenia is “often a fate worse than death.”  Someone who reads my blog (thank you) posted a link to that post on Reddit (thank you) and here is what other people with schizophrenia had to say. Unfortunately, some people thought that I don’t struggle with my illness which is not true. I struggle every day.  I responded to their posts this morning.

The Last thing, but not the least thing, is that I was nominated three more times for awards. I have decided not to accept awards on my blog (one reason is it is a little too complicated for me, and the other reason is that I like to keep my posts mostly about schizophrenia). I do, however, love the thoughtfulness of these awards and ask that you visit the blogs of the people who nominated me.  They are listed below.




Thanks for reading my blog! I really appreciate it!