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Many people care more about animals than people. My husband and I see it every day. Dogs are brought into the grocery store and put in the basket of the cart. Dogs are brought to restaurants and owners feed them from the table. Dogs are brought into coffee shops and allowed to sit in their owner’s laps. Dog owners, in the city I live in, are pushing the boundaries all the time and taking their dogs more and more places.

All this, and people are in the streets outside of these establishments begging for food and wondering where to sleep.

If someone abuses a dog in our city and it gets posted on a news site, people leave threats in the comment section and wish the person all kinds of harm.

A few weeks ago a man was punched in the restaurant district. There were six people that saw it happen and walked away. The man died.

Yesterday, my newsfeed on Facebook was filled with pictures of a lion. There were so many different stories about the lion and the dentist that killed it that it would have taken up several hours of my day to read them all. People were outraged. People went to the man’s place of business and left stuffed lions. People made death threats. People successfully shut down his business. People wished him all kinds of harm. Many people wanted to hunt him down. People responded from all over the world. The man went into hiding.

Meanwhile, at least 5 black women have been found dead in jail in July.

I can’t even begin to list all the murders here, and all the injustices. Not many stories about any of this on my newsfeed. A few tweets from POC #blacklivesmatter

The fact is that many people care more about animals than other people. Those same people probably eat meat. But have never seen a chicken butchered, or had someone who worked in a slaughter house tell them about the sound cows make just before they are killed. Killing animals is awful every day and yet most people don’t think about it, because their meat comes all sterilized in a plastic wrapper or already cooked and on a plate at a restaurant. Why is a lion more important than a cow?

And for the love of all things good in this world (and there still are some), why is there more outrage over the death of a lion than the death of people?

There are so many facts and statistics and links I could add to prove to you my point, but you can find all of this stuff out easily for yourself. Watch the next time (and unfortunately there will be a next time) a POC or a mentally ill person is found dead in their cell, or is shot by police, or is unarmed but killed under the “Stand your Ground” law.  See if your newsfeed is flooded with outrage from all over the world.

You’ll see the stories here and there, but they won’t get the same press, the same shares, or the same anger as the death of a lion.

Just so I don’t receive death threats or hate mail, I never eat beef or chicken and only occasionally do I eat pork (maybe once every two to three months I will have bacon or salami). I don’t want to see any animals killed. I want them all to have a tender and gentle life.  I want the same for people, but even more.