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This article claims that fish oil can delay and reduce the onset and symptoms of schizophrenia.

I think this sort of information is bogus at best, and damaging at the worst. Why do I believe it is damaging? Because studies like this (who paid for the study anyway? The fish oil industry? Just a question). make people question the role of psychiatry in the life of people with a severe mental illness.

I have had people contact me online and tell me about holistic treatment options that “cure” schizophrenia. No offense people, but I am not going off my meds. The last time I did, I nearly died. No thanks to your “natural” treatments.

I’ll stick to big pharma which many people have claimed is only trying to kill me and get my money. ย The money part is hard to argue with, because I did, at one point, have to pay nearly $500 for my medications. ย Finally, they went generic, so now they are a few cents per pill.

I’m happy that some people recover and never need meds. again, but I know for certain I am not one of those people. We are all unique in how this illness presents itself in our lives – some people have one psychotic episode, some of us have had many for long periods of time, and some people struggle with them almost constantly.

I hate to see articles like this come out, because I feel like people think I am not doing enough to control my illness and if I just tried fish oil, I would never again be psychotic, have social anxiety, or suffer from another paranoid thought.

These articles are believed by so many people and then add to the misunderstandings and confusion about schizophrenia.

Don’t believe everything you read, not here on my blog, or on any other blog or website, check the facts and don’t experiment with your mental health. ย It can be deadly.