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I think it is important to the mind and the heart for each person to have a dream. I think this is vitally important to those living with an illness, and especially those living with a mental illness.

The days can be dark and long if you are battling with depression, paranoia, anxiety, psychosis, etc. Everyone needs a break from the grueling nature of an episode that takes over an otherwise healthy mind.

A dream can be like a salve to an open wound. It can carry you through. It can carry you on. It can get you from one place to another. It can help you soar a little above the earth possibly running your fingers through a cloud. It isn’t like a rainbow, it is a rainbow and the thought of attaining it is your pot of gold.

I have a key sitting on my desk with the word CREATE stamped into it and if I ever achieve my dream, I will pass the key on to another dreamer so they can hold on to the key as a reminder of their dream and when they achieved their goal, they can pass it on again.

I look at my key every day. I want to give it away. I haven’t decided yet who I will give it to, but I often think about it.

It is possible that I will be able to give my key away this week, or next week, or it may not happen until next year or they year after. My personal dream is to publish in one of a dozen places and right now I have five pieces of writing sitting in editor’s or reader’s inboxes at five of those publications.

I may hear back from all of them tomorrow with a “Thanks, but no thanks” or I may not hear from them for a couple of months. If they all say no, I will write, and edit, draft an e-mail and send again. I will repeat the process until I reach that one word, “Yes!”

Other than my marriage vows, it will be the best, yes, of my life.

We all need dreams to pave the way to good days.

A good day is coming and maybe you will receive a key long distance from me.