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I love life, but life is not easy. Most people are dealing with an illness or the illness of a family member or friend. There are days when the dishwasher breaks, your car won’t start, your boss says something critical. On those days we can lose our perspective. Life can seem more like work and difficulty and less like wonderment, and beauty.

It is also difficult if you are plugged in to social media not to get discouraged and frightened about our future. There is ISIS, there is the crisis in Syria, there is climate change, there is famine, and there is the risk of disease. All of this information can be overwhelming. It can make the strongest optimists among us feel the twinges of fear and hopelessness.

There is so much pain, suffering, greed and pure evil in the world, it is often hard to notice that the leaves on the trees have changed and are falling, the night comes earlier, and the days get shorter, the stars continue to shine, and the moon is high in the sky even if you can’t see it. And that is the secret – the moon says it all. It is there every night, just like the beauty and love in life, even if we can’t always see it.

I don’t wait at the window every night and search for the moon, although I should. I should look for the wonder, for the joy, for the small miracles that surround me every day and are threatened to be covered by clouds of negativity. Most times when I see the moon, it is by accident. I am going to the grocery store and I catch a glimpse of a globe glowing in the sky, or the clouds break and I catch a sliver hanging in the darkness. The same is true of the mysteries and enchantment of life. I catch glimpses of it as I go about my day – someone buys a sandwich or cup of coffee for a homeless person, someone helps me pick up the bag of books I dropped, someone returns my cell phone to the lost and found, someone gives me a discount when I didn’t ask or expect one, the flowers bloom and it’s not spring, I hear a song that reminds me of first love, people  smile at me, people laugh, people hold hands, people lock arms and they kiss.

The amazement is for the young and old. No one has any more access to the beauty than any other. We can be a part of the magic too. We can actually help people glimpse the moon unexpectedly. We can make people feel special. We can make people feel seen and heard. We can do something kind or thoughtful for our coworkers, a stranger, or a friend. We can all smile at the people we see. We can listen to someone’s heartache. We can buy someone a chocolate bar for no reason. We can buy a stranger a cup of coffee. We can offer our seat on the bus. We can let someone go in front of us in line.

We have the power to help people notice that the moon in all of its stages. We can give everyone a view from our window so they can experience the wonder of the daily tides.