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Today I wrote on my Psych Central blog about the use of language. The post is called, Language: Don’t Shame An Ally.  It is about the “schooling” I received at Thanksgiving dinner, and how it taught me how not to treat people that use derogatory words about mental illness.  If you have time, please read it and let me know what you think. Can you think of ways to help people understand how their language hurts us without shaming them?  I’m very interested in your thoughts.

Earlier this week, I wrote on Psych Central about talk therapy. The post is called, Talk Therapy To Treat Schizophrenia?  I have really strong opinions about this, but they are more from personal experience – my experience with therapy has been horrible, but I know it is a critical part of treatment for others. I don’t believe it is a complete treatment for schizophrenia though.  What do you think?