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Yesterday, my cousin, who is traveling around the United States for six months, stopped by my house for a visit. I haven’t seen her for over seven years. We were able to have some meaningful time together. Her visit brightened my heart and holidays. We talked, laughed, went to the park, saw a museum, had a delicious lunch, and we talked about our grandparents and some of our memories of them.

My mom and dad (my parents are divorced but have been remarried for so many years that I have two sets of parents) arrived from Arizona. They immediately filled my husband’s and my stockings. We filled their stockings too. There are some presents under the tree.

Earlier in the week, one of you sent me a Christmas card and present. I was so excited and touched by the gesture. It is one of the prettiest packages under the tree.

I think I will have an eggnog latte today.

It is Christmas Eve.

I hope you are surrounded by family, friends, or in a beautiful, peaceful place that you love to be. I know not all of you celebrate this holiday, but even if you don’t: Christmas is about hope, and although that hope centers around Jesus, we all need hope about something to keep us alive. So today at some point think about what it is you hope for – good health, a sound mind, stable moods, a friend, a job, etc. Hope. Hope. Hope.

Send your hope into the world and I will be hoping upon your hopes that all you hope for is waiting for you on Christmas morning.

I believe in Christmas miracles – I’m filling your stocking with hope – it is bulging because it is so full.