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I bought a pair of boots on Etsy as one of my Christmas presents. I think they are fabulous. They are black cowboy boots and the artist who made them glued a purple lace flower on the tip of each boot. They have carnation pink lace, and one boot has a pink felt belt looped around it. They both have black, pink and white flower fabric on them.

The boots are on a shelf in the hallway by my front door. Every time I go out, I see them. I have only worn them once. They are gathering dust.

My boots are like dreams.

What colorful, creative, dreams do you have tucked on a shelf in your life? What passion, hope, joy is gathering dust in your life?

I started this blog ten months ago. I have written on it all but thirteen days. It hasn’t always been easy to come up with an idea, but I have worked hard and loved the process. Many times I told myself, “Just keep going.”

Yesterday, I was offered a job writing articles about schizophrenia for a mental health site. It is a part time job. It won’t pay the rent, but it will buy my coffee and help pay for my Internet and phone bills.

When I started ten months ago, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I knew there were certain magazines that I dreamed of having  publish my work. I knew I needed a paycheck. Since that time, I am 1/3 of the way through school. I have posted over 250 short essays on A Journey with You. I have posted 26 essays on Psych Central. I have had 8-10 essays published by The Mighty. I have three essays published in Role Reboot. I have one essay published in Manifest Station. I had three writers interview me for magazine articles (on Christmas Eve, my story was in People). I have written guest blogs, and essays for other mental health sites. I have had poetry and tributes published.

And then yesterday, I was offered money in exchange for articles.

Money isn’t the only reason I write. I write to bring understanding and hope to people who are touched by mental illness particularly schizophrenia. I write because I like to think of ideas and put them into sentences and try to form a coherent essay. I write because it heals me. I write because it helps me figure out who I am and my place in the world. I write to reach out to people and not feel so alone in this world. I write because it is a dream of mine to be a writer.

So, please go to the hallway of your heart and mind, pick out those colorful dream boots, dust them off and put those babies on. It has been said a million times, “If I can do it, you can too.” I have my boots on while I type this. And I am waiting for you. Your dreams are waiting too.

Come on, put your socks on and put your feet in and start walking toward your destiny. I’ll walk with you if you don’t mind me wearing the most colorful boots you’ve ever seen.