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I haven’t been a part of the dating scene for almost twenty years. I thought it would be fun to write a dating profile, though. I wanted to write something that opened the way for talking about having a mental illness without saying it before I met the (imaginary) person.

If creativity is important to you, then we should meet. I love museums, galleries, poetry readings and live music (as long as I can hear someone talk while it is playing). I put a higher value on reality than fantasy, but that doesn’t mean I am unfamiliar with fantasy. I can make unique connections about the world that others may or may not be able to follow. I am eccentric and have idiosyncrasies (we can talk about those later). I like funky bohemian style clothes. I don’t care about what is trending or popular. I make my path in this world, and people can join in and walk along or they can exit and choose to go a different way (hopefully without hard feelings or broken hearts). I care more about your insides than your outsides, and I want to meet someone who not only says that but proves it. I don’t always wear make-up. I have never had breast implants. I don’t paint my toenails or fingernails. An open mind, compassion and a willingness to see things differently are essential. If this sounds like you, let’s meet for coffee. Did I say I love coffee?

Do you think this opens the door to eventually talking about mental illness?