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When my husband and I turned forty, we sold most of our possessions, bought a van and toured around the country. We went to thirty-eight states. One morning we woke up in a campground in Nashville Tennessee. The campground provided a pancake breakfast for a few dollars. My husband and I both get up early, so there were only a few other people in line when we arrived.

We got our pancakes and made our way to a table. There was a man by himself, and we asked if we could join him. He said yes.

“Good morning,” we all said to each other.

“Are you staying at the campground?” My husband asked?

“Yes.” The man replied.

He told us that his name was Bill, and like us, he was touring the United States. He said he was doing it for his late wife.

“We always planned to retire and tour the country together. She got cancer, though. I retired last year. I promised her I would make the trip. You two are smart to do this while you are young. You never know what will happen. There are no guarantees about tomorrow.”

My husband and I tried not to cry openly in front of Bill. We were glad to be together living a dream that we had given up everything to make come true. We knew we had done the right thing. Bill’s story proved it.

My husband and I have lots of plans for retirement. The truth is that both of us may not make it to that date. We have to live our lives here, and now. We have to find what we love and make it happen today, because like Bill said, “There are no guarantees about tomorrow.”

It is February, and it is considered the month of love.

I want to suggest seeking out not only who you love, but what you love – photography, painting, architecture, cooking, sculpture, music, acting, writing, poetry, computers, design, robots, gaming, golf, tennis, yoga, etc. and when you find what you love to make sure you do it every day.

We had a wind storm in Southern California yesterday, and a driver was killed by a tree that fell. Life can go out in a flash. Death can visit us at any time.

Tie your dreams up in love and begin to unravel them today. February is the best time to start because it is here and now and none of us should put off our heart for a day that may never come.