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Yesterday marked my one year anniversary of coming out of the mental health closet. Many of my family and friends found out by reading a Facebook post that I have schizophrenia. You can find that post here. 

I started this blog about living with schizophrenia on March 19th, 2015. I have written hundreds of short essays and posted over 370 times.  I missed posting 25 days in the last year (that means I posted on over 300 days).

I have a blog on Psych Central that receives way more traffic than this blog. I have posted over 30 articles on that site. You can find that blog here. 

I have written 13 articles that are posted on The Mighty.You can find them all here.

On Christmas Eve 2015, I was featured on the People website. The article was shared over 2000 times.  You can read the article here.  

I had a short book of poetry and prose published. You can purchase it as Amazon (it is currently selling for a fraction of the publishing price – last time I checked you could buy it for $1.62). Pick one up here. 

I have been interviewed by several websites, magazines and had my book reviewed by Wordgathering. You can find that review here. 

I also took several creative writing classes.

I didn’t accomplish all that I wanted to, but I do hope that some people understand schizophrenia a little better and that in some way, I have made life easier for people with a severe mental illness.

Incredible ride. Incredible year.