Hello. I am sorry I haven’t updated this blog in a while. I am working on becoming self-sufficient as a writer, and I will have some exciting news for you here soon.

Here are a few of my more recent (paid) articles.  I made it into Teen Vogue! This was a dream of mine. The link to the article (about language and mental illness) is here.  

I have an article that came out yesterday in Headspace. I love to write for them! The article is about mental illness and marriage. Hint: it is possible! The link is here.

I wrote an article for The Fix, they are also great to work with. The article is about grief and schizophrenia.  The link is here.

I wrote an essay for Ravishly. All of these outlets/editors are a pleasure to work with. This one is about the myths around schizophrenia.  The link is here. 

I have had several other pieces published and will try to keep you more up to date as well as create original content here.

Look for that news I was talking about later next week!