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Besides being psychotic, one of the hardest parts of having schizophrenia for me is making plans to do something like go on a trip, go to brunch, attend a conference, start a job, or any other normal activity and then have those plans completely shattered by anxiety or paranoia.

I had a simple meeting with an advisor today, and ten minutes in, I walked out and left everyone sitting there. I couldn’t sit one more minute, my heart was racing, and I couldn’t sit still. I walked to our car; I tried to lay down and rest. I walked back to the office where my husband and two other people were talking, and I sat down for a few minutes, and then I excused myself. I walked to Starbucks, bought a banana, ate half of it, sat in one of the lobby chairs for a few minutes then joined the meeting again.

Seriously? I can’t hold it together long enough to have an hour-long meeting about a topic that directly impacts my life and well-being? If I weren’t so stressed out, I would cry. I ended up making it through the last fifteen minutes of the meeting, and I am home now where I had to take an extra dose of medication to settle down.

When I was younger, I had many more episodes of psychosis, and except those, I had a much easier time carrying on with the daily details of life. Now, I can have the best intentions, and I am unable to see through some of the simplest tasks.

It is so frustrating, humiliating, and discouraging to wake up, feel fine, and start going about the plans for the day then to feel overwhelmed by anxiety or paranoia (most often anxiety). A panic attack can strike anywhere at anytime no matter what your intentions are or how important what you are doing is.

I know that I am lucky that I can sort out my thoughts enough to write articles and essays, but that is only a small part of being a functioning adult – there is so much that needs to happen on a regular basis, and so often I am incapable of making that happen.

My husband has endless patience with me, but I do not have the same patience with myself.

Today, was rotten, and I am feeling a little sorry for myself for having to live with the symptoms of schizophrenia. I’ll get over it, but I need this minute – can everyone just give me this minute, please?