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MIT created a device that gives voice to the voice inside your head.  From my understanding, the device doesn’t read your mind, the user speaks silently to themselves, and the device recognizes the words.

I was thinking about the further development of this technology and how it might help doctors to better understand schizophrenia by allowing them to “hear” the voices that so many of us who have the illness either hear or have heard.

Imagine if a psychiatrist could “listen” in while a patient is having a conversation with God, Jesus, or any other number of deities, spirits, or hallucinations I have heard people with schizophrenia describe.

Would it be possible for the doctors to help us “control” the voices we hear? Would it be possible for them to begin to understand why we hear let’s say the voice of Jesus because that is a common experience among people who hear voices? What could they learn from the conversations we have with our voices?

I know the technology may never be used in this way because it doesn’t read the mind. I wish it could though because I would love to have other people hear what it is like to have conversations with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Also, I would love to have documentation of some of the previous discussions I have had, because many of them seemed like there was no way I could make them up or even know some of the information the voices and I were discussing. A mind is a fascinating place, and schizophrenia is just one of its mysteries.

I hope they’ll make progress in this area, and that the progress benefits voice hearers. I for one, would find this exciting, fascinating, and potentially useful for treatment on many levels.