Thank you to the people who looked for hand sanitizer for my dad. I also read on social media that people were offering to run errands for people in the Seattle area who had to self-quarantine. Along with the healthcare professionals and first responders, everyday people are going to be the ones who get us through this time of fear and uncertainty.

I don’t know if you saw the recommendation from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), but they are recommending that people sixty and over stay in their homes as much as possible. We are not over sixty, but we seem to be at home more than usual. One thing we are doing less of is going out to eat.

The great thing about not going out to eat is baking and cooking. My husband has been doing a lot of cooking since I came down with diverticulitis three years ago, but we are planning to do even more now. Today, we bought the ingredients for black bean burgers, and my husband is making them into patties and preheating the oven as I type this. We also bought the ingredients for oatmeal cookies and cinnamon rolls, and we plan to bake together tonight or tomorrow.

If you are someone with a health condition or over sixty (or your anxiety or fear are running high) and you want to stay at home more, maybe it would be possible to have a friend or relative come and visit, and you can cook, bake, play board games, put together puzzles or live like it is the 1970s again (the ‘70s had some high points!)

If you are a writer or artist, you could have one of your creative friends come, and the two of you could create a creative retreat together. I do this about once a year with one of my friends from West Virginia, and we get so much writing done. I haven’t even finished submitting all the essays and articles I wrote the last time she was here.

If you don’t have someone to keep you company, and your fear and anxiety are keeping you from social engagements, leave me a comment with your e-mail, and I will get you a link to join writers virtually four days a week. It isn’t the same as having someone next to you or being in a workshop, but you can check in with people and get some work done.

There is plenty of anxiety-producing and fear-producing information out there. We don’t have control over the fact that a new virus has been introduced into the human population worldwide, but we can look for ways to enjoy our lives despite the bad news.

Putting our phones down, spending time at home with people we care about, and doing creative, healthy, and fun things together are positive among so many negatives.

Stay healthy and try to help others!