I am not a big movie, television, or cable watcher. I watch the news to get caught up on the headlines every day, but I am not a big fan of all the shows on Netflix or streaming service. When people talk about Breaking Bad, or The Crown, or Game of Thrones, I can not follow the conversation.

On Friday, my husband had the day off, and we started watching a series on Netflix, and we binged watched it all weekend. We just finished watching the last episode of season one. It was a suspenseful detective show.  It doesn’t matter what we watched. What matters is the realization I had after several hours of following the characters and story. I realized I hadn’t once thought about a loved one getting sick or any of the worst parts of this coronavirus outbreak. My mind got a break from the uncertainty and the fear that surround this health risk.

I highly recommend turning off the news and losing yourself in a book, movie, or series. You can spend some time lost on the Powells, Amazon, or the Barnes and Noble websites. The time you spend searching for a book to purchase will get your mind off of current events. If you want to buy used books, Powells has a used section, or you can go to the Goodwill Books site (I buy many of my books used).  What I love about the Amazon site is that you can read several of the pages of most books before you buy them. Please avoid movies or books that have to do with the apocalypse or widespread disease. The goal is to escape reality, not increase your anxiety.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t stay up to date on the latest information coming from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). I am saying that we all need mental breaks, especially those of us with anxiety disorders or those with a tendency to worry. By the looks of the shelves at grocery stores and all the reports I have read of people stealing hand sanitizer from offices and masks from hospitals, I think everyone, even those who are generally level headed, need to take a breath and relax and think of something besides COVID-19.

*For suggestions of things you can do with a partner, relative or friend, check out some of my earlier posts.

Remember to take care of both your mind and your body! To our health!