I have a dream about this novel coronavirus’ appearance in our lives. I hope that when we are on the other side of this outbreak, and it is contained globally, not just in the United States, but everywhere, that it will change our relationships to one another forever.

I hope we will see each other (countries, states, cities, towns, human beings) as essential to each other’s lives, health, and wellbeing.

I hope that we will accept and embrace that what one of us does to the planet impacts all of us.

I hope we will see each life from Australians to Peruvians to Africans to Asians to Americans as valuable, remarkable, and irreplaceable.

I hope all of us will begin to speak and act in the best interest not only of ourselves but to benefit all.

I hope that this crisis pushes us not away from each other but into each other.

I hope we can work together as scientists, teachers, politicians, and parents to solve the problems of hunger and war and homelessness and access to clean water and medical treatment not just in our own countries but across the globe.

I hope that from this day forward, we will carry each other’s burdens.

I hope we will ease each other’s suffering.

I hope that we will forever remember we are intricately connected, and the best way forward is for everyone to have enough of what we need to be healthy and thrive.

I hope even considering the tragic loss of life that this virus has brought to us, I hope it leaves us better than it found us.