I remember when typing two sevens, a three, and a four into a calculator and turning it upside down to reveal the word hell was a naughty thing to do. The innocence of that action is stunning to me. I think about people of all ages typing WTH (what the hell) or AF (as f***). Many of the “bad” things of my childhood don’t qualify as bad anymore.

My husband often says I have the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old boy because I make up songs, laugh at bodily functions, and move my body in ways that don’t qualify as dancing. Of course, my husband participates in these antics to get me giggling uncontrollably.

I don’t know about anyone else, but that is the kind of innocence and humor I need right now. Simple humor. Clean humor. Goofy humor. Humor that doesn’t make fun at someone else’s expense or make fun of a group of people.

Lately, when my husband and I are stressed, we watch reruns of America’s Funniest Videos. Neither one of us likes the clips where someone gets hurt, but we love the videos that have animals doing something silly or when something surprising or unexpected happens. The show makes us both laugh.

We are also watching one to three episodes of New Girl before we go to sleep. It isn’t as innocent as the video show, but we find it laugh-out-loud funny, and the main character, Jess, is wholesome and wacky. Each episode is only about twenty minutes, so they are short and can be squeezed in even if we are tired.

It may seem insensitive to seek out a good laugh during a pandemic when so many have lost their lives, and so many people are out of work. It won’t do any good though to risk our well being and then need to use the healthcare system when all of those resources are necessary for COVID-19 patients. Right now, we are living by the old cliché, laughter as medicine, and we take as large a dose of it as possible every day.